Wedding and Anniversary Cakes

Wedding and Anniversary Cakes – For Unforgettable moments!!

In any one’s life few such moments come when the joy and happiness scintillate them to celebrate the occasions with more fervor and zeal for the life time memory. In our day to day life we all come across with such wonderful celebrations around us. To make more fun, togetherness to cherish and rewind those […]

KC Bakers Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes Create Memories and Feelings

Do we know the history of Cake and since when it came into existence? I believe few people might have been aware about the history of Cake. In ancient time it was used in Egypt and according to food historians the Egyptians in the ancient times had invented the baking techniques and skills to prepare […]

Shiv Kumar

Thanks for creating this beautiful cake for my daughters birthday! It’s gorgeous! Everyone says it was the best cake they ever had! Thanks so much for the detailed cookies. Anne Heap is so sweet and professional. You will see me again. All the best   KCBAKERS TEAM 

KC Bakers